How to activate your Joy & Happiness?

My 5 favourite ways to get into the vibrational frequency of JOY!

May I invite you to step into your fullest expression of your highest, most joyful self?!  I believe, particularly in tumultuous times, the ability to find joy & happiness is crucial.  It may seem selfish, while the outside world suffers, to find joy and happiness and to continue to seek and to live a joyful life.  It is not selfish, it is essential.  Your inner peace is your business.  So be in your business.  Meaning, be solely responsible for your life, and how you feel about it.  Joy & happiness, close frequencies to peace & love.  How to activate and cultivate it?


You knew I would say that.  Notice how you just held your breath?  You did too.  Noticing your breathing, with no other agenda then just doing that, is already meditation.  Mindfulness Meditation.  If you’re into labels.  I’m not.  I’m into results and solutions.  Notice your inhalation breath, the air is cool, and your exhalation breath, the air is slightly warmer.  Do that a few more times, notice how you feel a lot calmer.  A step closer to joy.  Now you’re in a state where you can experience, with all your heart and all your body, deep joy.  There are many more ways to meditate, and you are welcome to pop onto the website and YouTube channel for more info and more meditations.  Complimentary or paid and live.

  1. Movement:

Mindful movement, where you get to feel your body, and your body gets an opportunity to do what it is designed to do is another step into activating joy.  Oxytocin, the love hormone, is produced when we move and exercise.  The two happy hormones, dopamine and serotonin, are also released during mindful movement.  Yoga, dancing, running, vigorous walking, swimming, anything goes.  Move your body, notice how you feel.  Can I suggest you join a yoga class if you’d like some joyful guidance and company.  Please see website for timetable.

  1. Gratitude:

It’s a powerful practice to consciously express gratitude throughout the day.  I’m talking about a more moment-to-moment gratitude.  Gratitude for the fact that we are never alone.  Energy, spirit, is always with us.  Gratitude for our body, our breath, the earth, the air we get to breathe, kids, our loved ones, the food we eat, the book we read, the shower we take, the ocean we swim in, the smart phone we read this on, our pets, nature and our yoga teacher 😊.  Notice how it makes you feel.  It opens your heart.  It lifts you into the frequency of joy & happiness.  Be with that, feel it, soak it in.  Do it often.

  1. Visualization:

Bring back to your mind memories of a beautiful moment you had experienced.  Either earlier today or sometime in the past.  We often do this in our brief name-share-circle at the beginning of a yoga class.  Share a joyful, precious experience.  Bring it back to your conscious mind.  Notice how it makes you feel.  It may even make you smile.  Don’t judge it.  Keep it simple.  En JOY the feeling.

  1. Ask your Soul what It needs to tell you in this present moment:

Now this may take a few minutes.  Simply allow yourself to be with that question.  Let it really drop into your heart.  “What is it that my soul wants to tell me right now?”.  Wait.  Don’t force anything.  Allow the answer to come to you.  To your body, your heart.  There is always an answer.  Always.  Your soul knows.  Be open.  Be curious.  You can write the answer down.  Like you are journaling.  You can record words on your phone.  You can draw, paint, sing, sculpt, dance or cook the answer.   Do you.   Maybe no body ever asked you this.

Please add your own ideas and I’d love to know how you go with these methods.  I’m here to help, reach out for some guidance.

Much love, joy and happiness