Yin Yoga and Sound Meditation – 4 March 2022

YIN YOGA: 55mins

Yin yoga is a gentle, slow-paced and mostly floor-based form of yoga, where yoga poses (asanas) are held for a longer period of time to stimulate the deeper layers of connective tissue, manly our fascia.

You will be invited to let go of all muscular effort and be supported by bolsters, blocks and blankets. You will feel a stretch-like sensation that varies in intensity depending on your own personal preference and physical state of being.

We will soften our breath to soften our body and calm and quiet our mind.

This is a wonderfully relaxing and flexibility increasing style of yoga.


As we make ourselves comfortable either sitting or lying down, we continue to completely let go of all sensation, thought or worry and allow the week that was to simply be as it was.  And drift into the weekend with ease and joy.

Completely immersed in the sound and vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, we will experience deep healing and relaxation.

No yoga, or meditation experience is required.

COST: $59

DATE: Friday, 04 March 2022. 6-8pm

LOCATION: 40 Woolston Drive, Frankston South, The Art of Balance – Yoga & Massage studio

Payment of $59 reserves your place, and is due with booking.

Book via email to bettina@theartofbalance.com.au

Bettina Pfannkuch

BSB: 733 059
Acct: 512308

Thank you.